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Desktop Theme - Aston2 v1.6.1 Multilanguage

 Aston2 v1.6.1 Multilanguage | 17.5 MB

Gladiators Software announces the absolution of best accessible Aston2 artefact - Aston2 shell, software that replaces the accepted Windows desktop and makes it added usable, admirable and customizable. Abounding Windows users acquisition the accepted desktop too adamant and inflexible. Aston2 offers the absolutely altered access with yet concealed actualization and capacity with alive wallpapers. The basal affection that makes it so altered is that Aston2 is absolutely skinnable and customizable. You can advisedly accept from abounding capacity and aces the one that apparel you the most. If you appetite to accord your designing abilities a try you can alike accomplish your own themes. The avant-garde skinning agent is actual automatic and your acuteness is the alone limit. Every aspect of the theme: menu, desktop, panels - all can be tweaked and customized, appropriately absolution one actualize yet added acceptable alive area. Widgets advance the banned of annual and customization alike further. You appetite to apperceive the acclimate forecast, your arrangement assets or article abroad - no problem!
Widgets extend the alpha card and panels annual in a attenuate but yet able way. You accept the best and abounding ascendancy of what and how it will be displayed befitting your accretion bland and enjoyable. Therewith, Aston2 is accepted to be one of the best abiding Windows shells ever. Switching to Aston2 is accessible because it incorporates all the things that you are already accustomed with, and not alone that, Aston2 makes them added efficient. Integrated chase makes analytic through your bounded drive as able-bodied as the Internet fast and convenient. Ability and accessibility is aloof one ambit of this able application. Aston2 is above in about every respect, starting from accurate operating systems (Windows XP/Vista/ 32 and 64-bit), multi-language support. Animation can be acclimated for about every aspect and every accoutrement accomplishing beauteous effects. Aston2 is the aggregate of beauty, actualization and efficiency, a affectionate of desktop you deserve.
Widgets added extend the abstraction of practicality, accessibility and affluence of use. You appetite to apperceive the acclimate forecast, the bulk of accessible arrangement resources, time, or article abroad - no problem! Widgets alluringly accompaniment the adorableness and functionality of alpha card and panels. You accept abounding ascendancy over what and how to arise in every aspect of Aston2. This is one of the best abiding and able-bodied shells, absurd affluence of bureaucracy and use of which will not abide disregarded by alike the amateur user!
Go to Aston2 easily, as it includes alone elements accustomed to you, besides Aston2 makes them added effective. Integrated chase enables you faster and added acceptable to acquisition files on bounded drives on the computer and the Internet. Ability and accessibility - it is alone one aspect of this able program. Aston2 - an accomplished artefact in all plans, starting with the accurate operating systems (Windows 7/XP/Vista 32 and 64-bit), abutment abounding languages, etc.
Animation can be activated to around any allotment of the carapace or widget, arch to beauteous results. Aston2 - the apotheosis of beauty, style, abundance and efficiency, this desktop a new generation.
Main Characteristics of Aston2:
Flexible settings, the enactment of science fiction to
Support for activated skins
Support active wallpaper
Support for 3D altar in the skins
Support for widgets (clock, acclimate forecast, ability management, the bulk of accessible arrangement resources, etc.)
Easily add and abolish widgets and panels
Support capacity and the artlessness of their application
Easy to affairs settings, alike for novices
Support for altered languages
Support systems with assorted monitors
The attendance of blush labels for the icons on your desktop
Support furnishings for icons
Quick chase on bounded drives and the Internet
Indicator of the tasks in the taskbar
Audio support
Customize alpha card items
And additionally abundant added ... Simply install Aston2 and see for yourself!
Top 5 Reasons to about-face to Aston
Easy setup.
Create your own desktop - let it looks and works the way you want. This is the capital abstraction that underlies Aston2. Set the keyboard shortcuts, adapt a desktop item, baddest plug-ins and be consistently acquainted of what is accident on your Windows desktop. It's not magic, it's actual easy! Alike if you are not an accomplished artist or programmer, you absolutely able to actualize own desktop the way you brainstorm it, and not addition else
Beautiful appearance.
Aston2 looks accomplished in the anatomy in which you get it, and if you appetite more, you can download chargeless affair from the "Themes". You can change the attending of your desktop and accept the best for your actualization or archetypal accoutrement for the accessibility of your assignment at the computer, alone a few times by beat the mouse.
After a absolute analysis on the huge bulk of array of computers, Aston2 has accustomed itself as one of the best abiding affairs of this kind. In agreement of stability, he surpassed the competitors and alike the built-in Assignment Desk Windows.
Whether you accept installed Windows XP or Windows Vista - Aston2 should assignment accomplished with any system, and you, in turn, accept added launcher accoutrement and abounding added advantageous apparatus that accredit you to finer adviser the system.
Ease of use.
We took into annual the acquaintance with the aboriginal adaptation of Aston and the affairs approved to accommodated all your expectations.
When you acquirement Aston2 user ability be abundantly afraid to acquisition that best of its wishes apropos such a affairs is already embodied in life, and he does not charge to re-configure and adapt aggregate to fit their needs.
System Requirements:
Windows XP/2003
Windows Vista
Windows 2008
Windows 7
Windows XP 64-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit


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Daftar Blog ke Blog Direktori dan Tingkatkan Trafik Anda


Technorati : Technorati is the largest blog (weblog) directory currently tracking more than 112.8 million blogs. Join technorati and verify your authorship, then you will be provided with detailed statistics regarding your blog, how many blogs are linking to your blog, (they call it ‘authority’). It is one of the best blog directory and will send tons of triffic if your blog is regularly updated.
and i get the code is

Topblogarea : This is another big blog directory which rates and rank the blogs interms of Unique visitors your blog gets. They start the counting from Zero every week, so that even newly submitted blog can have the chance to rank higher in the list. : This is another source of weblogs which also rank the blogs according to the unique hits they get. Nice blog resource, bring you lots of traffic to your blog.

Blogtoplist : Same here, they rank according to the unique hits you get. But, there is a little change, they will give you to place a voting button in your blog. If any visitor votes for your site from your blog, that is equal to 100 unique hits, but there is only one chance per visitor (one IP address) a day.

Fuelmyblog : This is a cool weblog resource which is different from the ones we discussed so far. You can vote to other blogs and others vote to you. They will keep the top six blogs (voted the most) on the homepage. You can join their forums, read other blogs content, joining in the compitetions and win prizes, etc.

MyBloggingarea : This is a very good weblog directory which ranks the blogs accoring to the unique visitors they get, brought me so much traffic to my celebrity blog than all the other blog directories. I recommend this.

BlogCatalog : It is another good blogging resource,you can promote your blog here for FREE, find other blogs related to yours, etc. They have a special formula to rank the blogs, the more visitors, hits, comments, neighbourhood you get the more your rank will be. Another recommended one. You can join their forums, discussion board, groups, etc with other bloggers and share your thoughts.

BloggingFusion : It is a new one and not a very big one (around 950 blogs) at this time. But, it is a good one and doing pretty well. You can increase your blog exposure, worth a link to it.

Bloghop : You can find blogs related to your blog topic here. Have a nice tracking button and currently having more than 29,000 blogs.

Blogarama : Cool weblog directory currently having more than 69,000 blogs. It will list the blogs in terms of the score your blog have. The score depends on so many things like incoming traffic, outgoing traffic, user ratings, etc. and if you send more traffic to they, they will list your blog in the top 100 blogs.

Topbloglists : Another blog directory which will rank your blog according to the unique hits your blog will get.

Myblogdirectory : This doesn’t list blogs interms of any visitors, etc. All blogs are listed randomly so, every blog get the same exposure. If you sent more traffic from your blog to them, your blog will be choosen as a BLOG OF THE DAY which will be placed on the homepage and your blog will recieve the whole traffic their site gets on that day.


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1. Penamaan alamat website untuk lembaga pendidikan adalah ... . 
    a  .com                          d.  .au
    b   .org                           e.  .edu
    c  .net

2. Definisi yang paling tepat dari E-mail atau disebut Elektronik Mail adalah ….
a.  media komunikasi dengan sahabat jauh 

b. layanan surat elektronik melalui internet
c.   layanan surat berbasis teks dalam berkomunikasi
d.   layanan surat bisnis dan resmi digunakan di internet
e.  proses pegiriman surat di internet dengan cara kerja seperti kantor pos

3. Pada awalnya internet merupakan jaringan komputer  untuk mendukung proyek ARPANET oleh Departemen     Pertahanan di negara ….
a.   Swiss
b.   Eropa
c.   Inggris
d.  Perancis
e.  Amerika 

4. Hypertext Tranfer Protocol (HTTP) adalah protocol yang digunakan di web, secara umum berfungsi ….
a   Sebagai browser untuk mengambil informasi
b   Menentukan lokasi informasi pada alamat web
c.   Mentransmisikan dokumen-dokumen hypertext
d   Standard teknologi protocol yang dipakai di web
e.  Sebagai protocol pendistribusian  informasi di internet 

5. Pengolahan data dilakukan oleh ...
a   CPU
b   printer
c   monitor
d   Hardisk
e.   keyboard

6. Cara yang benar menghargai hasil karya orang lain yaitu ...
a  . membeli hasil bajakan
b.   tidak men-copy tanpa izin
c.   menggunakan  bajakannya
d.   mengedarkan secara tidak sah
e.   menggunakan sharing hasil karya bersama-sama  

7. Karya cipta orang lain yang diambil/dipakai, tetapi melanggar hak cipta yaitu ...
a.   sharing copy 
b.   untuk pribadi
c.   dijual/komersil
d.   sumber dicantumkan
e.   tidak merugikan yang mencipta 

8. WWW adalah sistem pendistribusian informasi dan memungkinkan orang untuk saling berbagi informasi di internet. Kepanjangan dari WWW adalah ….
a.   World Wire Web
b.   World Wild Web
c.   World Wide Web
d.   World While Web
e.   World White Web


9. Sejarah Web bermula di ….
a.   America Laboratory for Particle Physics
b.   Germany Laboratory for Particle Physics
c.   European Laboratory for Particle Physics
d.   Canadian Laboratory for Particle Physics
e.   Asia Pasifik Laboratory for Particle Physics


10. Bagian komputer yang berbentuk benda yang dapat dilihat atau dipegang dinamakan ...
a.   CPU                          d.   Brainware
b.   Software                    e.   Storage Device
c.   Hardware

11. Dari jenis-jenis dokumen di bawah ini yang termasuk dokumen Microsoft Excel adalah ...
a.   Gaji.xls 
b.   Bonus.exc 
c.   Brosur.mdb
d.   Seminar.ppt
e.   Undangan.doc 

12. Di bawah ini adalah macam-macam sistem operasi yang ada saat ini, kecuali  ...
a.   Unix                                 d.   Ms-Do
b.   Linux                                e.   Oracle        
c.      Windows

13. CPU atau Central Processing Unit merupakan bagian dari komputer yang berfungsi untuk …
a.   memproses data
b.   menyimpan data                                
c.   memasukan data
d.   menganalisa data
e.   mengeksekusi perintah yang dimasukan

14. Pernyataan yang tidak benar adalah ...
a.   internet dapat berfungsi sebagai iklan
b.   internet dapat digunakan sebagai pos surat
c.   internet tidak berkaitan dengan bisnis/usaha 
d.   internet dapat digunakan untuk mencari data
e.   internet dapat berfungsi sebagai pergaulan dunia 

15. Kepanjangan dari ISP adalah …
a.   Internal Service Provider
b.   Internet Service Provider
c.   Information Service Provider
d.   International Service Provider
e.   Interconnection Service Provider

Senin, 02 November 2009

Test Antivirus Terbaik 2009 (Av-comparatives)

Di awal November ini kita akan melihat hasil test berbagai antivirus dari Av-comparatives. Beberapa waktu lalu Av-comparatives mengeluarkan test antivirus tahap ketiga tahun 2009, yang berfokus pada kemampuan scan langsung virus (On-demmand comparative) dengan sample virus/malware sekitar 1.6 juta.
Sample malware sebanyak sekitar 1.6 juta ini mencakup : windows virus, trojan, worm, backdoors dan lainya.

Test tahap ketiga ini di mulai sekitar pertengahan Agustus tahun 2009 lalu, dan hasilnya terakhir di perbarui (di update) sekitar pertengahan September. Meskipun begitu, test ini merupakan test terbaru karena mengikutsertakan beberapa versi antivirus baru, dibanding test sebelumnya. Diantaranya Kaspersky 2010, Avira 9 dan Norton antivirus 2010.
Masing-masing antivirus di update tanggal 10 Agustus 2009, dan selama dilakukan pengetesan, pengaturan dilakukan pada setting tertinggi, kecuali sophos dan F-Secure.
Av-comparatives, lembaga independent yang melakukan test berbagai antivirus, kembali mengeluarkan test antivirus tahap ketiga. Dibanding test sebelumnya pada bulan Mei 2009 kemarin, Test kali ini menyertakan banyak antivirus versi baru, seperti Avira 9, Kaspersky 2010, BitDefender 2010, ESET NOD32, Norton Antivirus dan lainnya.
Jumlah sample malware yang digunakan sekitar 1.6 juta, mencakup virus windows, trojan, worm, backdoor/bot, macro virus dan lainnya (dalam artikel ini istilah “virus” mencakup itu semua). Jumlah sebesar ini diambil antara bulan Januari 2009 sampai Agustus 2009.

On-demand Test merupakan test dengan memberikan sample virus, antivirus langsung digunakan untuk menyecan file-file tersebut. Hasilnya dilihat berapa virus yang tidak terdeteksi, waktu scan dan juga kesalahan mendeteksi file bersih lainnya.
Produk antivirus yang disertakan dalam test kali ini adalah sebagai berikut :
  • Avast! Professional Edition 4.8.1384
  • AVG Anti-Virus 8.5.406
  • Avira Antivir Premium
  • BitDefender Anti-Virus
  • eScan Anti-Virus 10.0.997.491
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.0.437.0
  • F-Secure Anti-Virus 10.00.246
  • G DATA Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Kingsoft Antivirus 2009.08.05.06
  • McAfee VirusScan Plus 13.11.02
  • Microsoft Live OneCare 2.5.2900.28
  • Norman Antivirus & Anti-Spyware 7.10.02
  • Sophos Anti-Virus 7.6.10
  • Symantec Norton Anti-Virus
  • Trustport Antivirus


Av-comparative dalam test tahap ketiga ini menggunakan 2 hasil test dalam memberikan rangking/peringkat antivirus, yaitu kemampuan terbaik mendeteksi virus dan jumlah kesalahan mendeteksi file yang bukan virus. Selain itu, kita juga akan melihat perbandingan hasil kecepatan scan berbagai antivirus tersebut.
Hasil Kemampuan Deteksi virus (sample 1.6 juta malware)

Peringkat dari av-comparatives
Seperti telah dijelaskan sebelumnya, av-comparatives memberikan peringkat dengan melihat dua hal : Kemampuan mendeteksi dari 1.6 juta sample virus dan jumlah kesalahan mendeteksi file yang bukan virus. Hasilnya adalah sebagai berikut :

Melihat hasil di atas, sebenarnya tidak jauh berbeda dengan hasil on-demand test sebelumnya (Test antivirus Mei 2009). peringkat memampuan deteksi test virus pada 5 besar diatas masih dipegang oleh antivirus yang sama.
Kecepatan scan sebagian produk mengalami peningkatan, terutama adalah Avast Antivirus. Termasuk juga Avira, Norton antivirus, BitDefender, F-secure dan Kaspersky. Sedangkan sebagian mengalami penurunan, terutama adalah Kingsoft, termasuk juga McAfee, ESET NOD32 serta Norman (meskipun relatif kecil). Sedangkan AVG tidak mengalami peningkatan kecepatan pada versi 8.5 ini (AVG versi 9 belum ikut dalam test ini).

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